Ok where do I start!Well as a kid I was not liking the kitchen work much as growing up in the tropical Island of Trinidad  & Tobago 🇹🇹 often the weather would be hot even when it rained we would play outside as for me and my family everyone had some chores to do often mine would be cleaning doing dishes and chopping food for my mother while she cooked, as the years went by I started to realize that I had an advantage over my brother and sister being in the kitchen.. When my mother wasn’t looking I’d eat bits of food and take advantage of the chocolate in the bowl by licking the chocolate before washing the bowl. Later in life things got rough when my parents separated, my dad moved out and my mother was left to care for 3 kids on her own, she managed that pretty well, then one day I think I was about 14 years old I started modeling and making money to help my mother after a while I left home at the age of 17 I moved to the next island TOBAGO with a bag and some pocket money, not knowing what was going to happen or not knowing how I would survive , I took my last money rented a vehicle & started organizing BBQs at the beach, it was a hit after 2 years I saved up and bought a one way ticket to United Kingdom where I went to university. At that time I would work 4 Jobs to pay my way through school, 1 job as a security 1 job as a construction worker 1 job as a bar manager and 1 job as a Cheff..

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